Friday, December 26, 2014

Lovely in Lace

Hello All &
Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful time spent with your loved ones & church families this week celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

My outfit for Christmas Eve was all about my lace dress from dressbarn. I was working one day and voila a return came in that happened to be my was on CLEARANCE.

 I looooove lace & this black lace dress is one of my new favorites! You can get a similar style here in teal or taupe; part of dressbarn's Db RSVP collection.

I once again chose this short jacket with pleather detailing for extra warmth from Target ($10).


For a classic, yet fun touch, I chose this leopard print belt to help to cinch in my waist.

Check out that bling!! WAL-MART has been selling soo many cute necklaces lately for in between $5-$10. (I've been going a bit cray-cray picking up too much jewelry.) This gorgeous piece I picked up for $10, and I honestly think it's the biggest necklace I've ever worn, but I love it!

 <3 CMM

 Butter London polish

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Happy Sunday, Shortest Day of the Year, and First Day of Winter!
Surprisingly, there was no snow in Sheboygan...and look!...we still have green grass.

With Christmas only four days away, today was spent at church, with family, and finishing up some last minute shopping & gift wrapping.

Today's ensemble was all about white, gray, and black-simple & classic for a busy day.

The look is all about this wavy print knit dress from TJ Maxx. I found it last year while Shayne & I were in South Dakota. It has sleeves and came with a rope belt. I chose to cover the sleeves and add a tailored skinny black belt rather than keeping the rope belt, because I felt this helped to dress it up a bit and helped to pull in my waist.

So many individuals I encounter are scared of pattern, because they feel it makes them stand out more or may make them appear larger. An all over pattern can actually be VERY flattering. It keeps the eye moving and unfocused on any one area of the body. Because of this it helps to hide the imperfections we may have. 

 This print/fabric is one we have had at dressbarn in blouses, skirts, and dresses in several different styles since I have started working there. I would definitely recommend this comfortable knit!

I chose this cropped black jacket for extra warmth & to  help break up the pattern. It has pleather detailing on the lapels and pockets & zippers up the front for an edgier look (although I prefer to wear it open). Can you believe I found this at Target for $10? :) 

For a classic necklace that still made a statement I chose this pearl & bead cluster necklace from dressbarn (about $24).

Today's #ArmParty included various bracelets from Kohl's, WAL-MART, and online. I just found this hinge-wrap pave ring at Kohl's for $3 on clearance! Grey heels with bows on the toes from J. Crew (purchased on clearance for about $40) complete today's look. 

<3 CMM


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Polka ....

Happy Saturday all! Tonight I am working at the Baymont; covering the front desk (since I had off at dressbarn today). Today's ensemble is fun, but yet professional for interacting with guests. 

The look is all about the dots in this polka dot one button blazer from Target. I purchased it last spring for 70% off. I had been eying it up, and watched it go to 30%, 50%, and finally 70% that point I knew it was for me!

I love the black piping on the lapels and around the bottom, because it adds an extra point of interest. Also, by having it be one button it helps to accentuate the waist and balance out the shoulders and hips for an hour glass figure. 

 I absolutely love these black pants I am wearing from dressbarn. We just received them in stock yesterday, and I immediately tried them on and purchased them ($29.50). Normally I prefer a slim leg to a straight leg, but these fit so nicely and are very comfortable! I have come to loooove pants with no button and zipper. There are no bulges & it makes tucking blouses in a breeze. 

For a "pop" I chose this neon shell from Chico's. I found it at Salvation Army for less than $2!

The necklace I chose for this look is a doppelganger of the Kendra Scott rayne necklace which retails for $80-$100. I found this one in cream online for under $15.

Gold & leopard print complete the look. Leopard belt (from JC Penny), Leopard gold-tipped flats (Michael Kors), gold & pearl flower ring (Kohl's on clearance), and cream enamel spike bracelet (thrifted from Goodwill, originally from Target) complement the cream and neon. Lastly, this chunky gold chained bracelet with pave accent is from....WAL-MART...for $5. I hate to say this or promote WAL-MART, but they really have stepped up their accessory game.


<3 CMM

Saturday, November 29, 2014

a Day of Thanksgiving

Millions of families, friends, and loved ones gathered together this week to spend time with one another and give thanks for the many blessings they have been given. (They most likely ate some turkey too.)

I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, heck any holiday for that matter in which I get to be with my family & gorge on yummy foods! This year I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving not once, but TWICE! 

I am thankful for many things; as God has continued to bless me with a wonderful life. One of these blessings happens to beeeeeeeeee......Mr. McWilliams. Shayne spent the whole morning on Wednesday cooking and baking a wonderful feast for myself and his family to indulge in later that day.

 On Thanksgiving we headed to get our buffet on with my family. After eating we always go to my grandparents' house for pie and more fellowship. (Who doesn't love pie right?)

 Another thing I am thankful grandparents, parents, and brother. I am blessed to have all of my grandparents still here with me on this earth. (Above is my dad with one of his goofy faces & my grandma B) I have two wonderful parents, and my brother Michael who is an interior architect working in Dallas, TX. I could not ask for a more loving family!

Another thing I am thankful for includes catching a squirrel to relocate Thanksgiving morning! (Yes, you read that correctly.) We have had issues with squirrels trying to nest in between the walls of our house, by entering a small hole in the side of the gutter. Shayne even boarded it up, and....they chewed right through it. It reminds me of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, when the squirrel is in the Christmas tree...soo funny (but scary)!

Because it was a holiday I wanted to dress with a bit of.. SPARKLE, so I chose to layer two embellished sweaters for a bit of pattern mixing and extra interest. (Navy, Grey, and White seemed to be the theme--bringing me back to my several years employed at Abercrombie & Fitch.)

This navy skirt has elastic all the way around and is perfect for year round wear! I have it in acorn as well too. Both were purchased from J. Crew Factory. The retail price is over $70, but often you can find a great deal online when they run special sales/promotions like I did! (You know I would never pay that much for a basic skirt). Sign up for their emails and you can be notified of all the promotions and sales :)

I loooove this cream sweater with embellishment from Kohl's (Elle) ( I have probably gotten too much wear out of it ). This is probably one of the only items I have ever purchased from Kohl's that was not on clearance, only on sale. Several months later I was shopping and came across the same style in black on clearance (under $10!), so you know I had to scarf it up! 

The light grey cardi I chose is one of my thrifted finds from Goodwill for less than $4. It was originally from Target (tags still attached), and there are little bows on cute!

Pearls are always a great classic! This necklace is from Charming Charlie ($20), and is a basic they always carry. I had my bridesmaids wear it for my wedding, and loved it so much I had to go back to purchase one for myself. 

Because every good outfit needs an #ArmParty I chose assorted styles from Kohl's, J. Crew, and thrifted finds. These grey flats with bows on the toes are the final touch tying the look together. I found them at J. Crew Factory on clearance for $40 (originally $100).

Now that the snow has fallen a coat is always a must when leaving the house. I have two perfect peacoats. (Always a great classic.) One of which is a military inspired one from dressbarn, and the one below is from J. Crew. I found it on clearance at Nikki's Next 2 New for $25 last year! 

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving & have many things to be thankful for :)

<3 CMM

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jumping in the Snow

Last week we had our first snowfall. As you can see from above it was less than an inch, but snow is snow. It was funny to watch all the weather persons say over and over again, "Please be careful when driving, and please remember how to drive in the snow."

I chose this jumpsuit for last week's Sunday ensemble. I love that the black and cream is such a classic look and was less than $16 on clearance at dressbarn! The thing I hate about this ensemble: The Buttons!!! It is fine if you only plan on wearing it for an hour or two, but if you plan on all day prepared to spend lots of time unbuttoning and re-buttoning the buttons each time you have to use the restroom...not so fun.
 Since this was a summer piece it was sleeveless (now it's winter..well technically still fall I suppose) so I chose my favorite oxblood stretch blazer from dressbarn for some added warmth.

Because there was no pattern in this ensemble I decided to incorporate my favorite...leopard! I chose a printed belt found at Nikki's Next 2 New for $2, Michael Kors leopard gold-tipped flats, leopard ring, and a black and gold stack of bracelets to accessorize. 

Although this is the first jumpsuit I have purchased I think I will get more this coming spring/summer. It is an extremely comfortable style that I would highly recommend!

<3 CMM

Saturday, October 25, 2014

a little camo goes a long way

As with just about any person who works in retail full-time, I do not have a 8-5 Monday-Friday job. I work some days, some nights, some holidays, but most importantly most Saturdays. So when my weekend off comes around once a month (sometimes twice a month), I look forward to not having any major plans. By not having any big plans it means I can relax, spend time with Shayne, and get things done around the house I probably should have been working on all week..

This weekend off I was happy to not have anything major going on, and it happens to be beautiful outside! 65 degrees in October and sunny? (I'll take it!) Shayne and I headed to Whispering Orchards & Cafe. If you have not been there I would STRONGLY recommend it. The eggs are taken right from the coup, there is fresh apple cider, apple cider jelly, meats from local butchers, and the list goes on... I ordered a caramel apple pancake.. YUM! 

Today's ensemble was all about comfort on a casual fall day. I have never been much into wearing camoflauge, as I did not grow up in a family of hunters, or around others that were very much into that, but thanks to Duck Dynasty  it has become a bit more popular on the fashion scene. I absolutely love this camo infinity scarf from dressbarn. A cute scarf for $16,you can't go wrong! 

Anything chambray makes a great fall piece. Wear a cute chambray blouse under a cream embellished sweater, or with a thick blanket scarf. A chambray dress is much in the same. I picked this one up from Goodwill for $6, originally from Kohl's. The brown belt is from one of my other dressbarn dresses (I absolutely love how versatile it is!).

For fall & winter vests are a necessity. Old Navy & J. Crew seem to have the perfect lightweight vests year after year. This olive vest was purchased from Old Navy for $34.94. They also have it in geranium, black, and tan. A vest is a great fall and winter piece, because you can pair it with a t or sweater and scarf & you have a put together outfit. 

No outfit would be complete without an #ArmParty..Once again I chose my leopard ring, which is my favorite ring of all time from dressbarn. My other chosen bracelets are various thrifted finds and dressbarn bangle/bracelet packs. 

<3 CMM

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Essential: The Blanket Scarf

The blanket scarf, an essential to any fall wardrobe that came to the trendy fall fashion scene last fall thanks to Zara, has continued to be an accessory must. Retailers such as Target have come up with their own versions of this scarf. Although some individuals are selling Zara's scarf for well over $100 on phone apps such as Poshmark and Vinted, you can find one on eBay for under $20 from China. 

 Although I was thinking of purchasing one of the scarves from a vendor in China, I happened to be at Target the other night {I'm there at least twice per week} and stumbled upon their own version of the style. The original price was $16.99, but they were running a promotion of 20% off Merona scarves. {You all know I love a great deal!}

 Let's begin with my new cognac leather flats..Two of my favorite go to shoe brands are Michael Kors & Coach, but I prefer to find them on sale. These beauties were picked up from TJ Maxx at $60. I had a $25 giftcard and two $10 Reward Certificates, so after tax I only paid $18!

The polka dot tights are from Dressbarn. I cannot wait to pick up more patterns this year! A patterned tight works great with a plain skirt or dress to add an extra point of interest. The acorn pleated mini is from J. Crew Factory. I had been eying it up for some time, but did not feel like I could justify paying $80 for it, so I waited until they were running a 40% off promotion. The belt was one of my lovely thrifty finds; only 99 cents at Goodwill! :)

 The oxblood blazer and cream sweater are two of my favorite Dressbarn staples from last fall. I love versatile pieces that you can mix and match to make endless outfits! Let's talk about my #ArmParty shall we? I love my pave link bracelet, but the rest I sure love too! I purchased this pack of bangles and bracelets from Dressbarn this week, and at $15 you can't go wrong :)

 Happy Fall!

<3 CMM

Sunday, September 28, 2014

ONE dress, TWO ways

We all love versatility don't we? Personally I love when I have an item in my closet that I can wear endless ways. Many blouses and scarves now come with extra buttons or loops that allow you to completely change how you wear the item.

Today's outfits all started with an emerald patterned Dana  Buchman dress from Kohl's, thrifted snakeskin black pumps, and emerald bracelet and earrings.

 For church this morning I then added my new emerald Chaps pencil skirt over the bottom half of the dress. By doing this it provided the illusion that my top half was now a blouse paired with my skirt. (The trick is using a skirt that comes long enough so the dress does not hang out the bottom.)

The skirt, dress, and heels were all purchased at great prices or thrifted. The snakeskin black heels were found at Goodwill for $4.99. They were sent from Target; part of the Sam & Libby line. The emerald skirt is by Chaps at Kohl's and was found on the clearance rack for under $15. The emerald leopard print dress was also found at Kohl's by Dana Buchman for under $15. 

I love that this skirt has slant zipper pockets on each side near the hips. By having these zippers angled upwards it helps to narrow the waist & hips, compared with if they were straight across. 

 For an evening look I took off the emerald skirt, added sheer black nylons, and put on a black blazer (a pleather jacket would work well too). 

By starting with a few basic pieces, and adding or taking away a few more you can create countless outfits with things you already have in your closet!

<3 CMM 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


There has been a fall chill in the air the past few days, which has prompted many fashionistas to pull out their boots, sweaters, and tights from storage and incorporate them back into their outfit rotations.

I had the weekend off, so Shayne and I headed to 
Fond du Lac yesterday and did a bit of shopping at Kohl's. They were running a special promotion in which all clearance was an additional 25% off and then you could use your coupon on top of that! You all know I love a good deal :) I found this taupe Apt. 9 dress for just over $6! {It even has pockets.}

Although I love wearing dresses with blazers and/or cardigans on a regular basis I wanted to do something a bit different for this ensemble; taking inspiration from Pinterest. A printed button up, chambray blouse, or sleek mock turtle-neck sweater work great to pair underneath a dress such as this. This chambray blouse I purchased from Old Navy last year.

I styled it with two layered necklaces, one in gold chains from Express, and the other tortoise shell print chains from Dressbarn. To tie in with the necklace I wore my tortoise chain bracelet from Target {only $3 on clearance} & Dressbarn leopard ring.

To complete the look I chose a giraffe print (close enough to leopard print) skinny belt {thrifted from Nikki's Nex 2 New}, my printed Kate Spade bag, and black leather booties also thrifted. I found the booties at Nikki's Nex 2 New as well, and sent a picture to my friend of my find..turns out she was the one that brought them there to be resold. Twinsies! 

Going into fall you can easily turn some of those summer neutral dresses into completely new outfits just by adding some layers on top or underneath!
<3 CMM