Saturday, October 25, 2014

a little camo goes a long way

As with just about any person who works in retail full-time, I do not have a 8-5 Monday-Friday job. I work some days, some nights, some holidays, but most importantly most Saturdays. So when my weekend off comes around once a month (sometimes twice a month), I look forward to not having any major plans. By not having any big plans it means I can relax, spend time with Shayne, and get things done around the house I probably should have been working on all week..

This weekend off I was happy to not have anything major going on, and it happens to be beautiful outside! 65 degrees in October and sunny? (I'll take it!) Shayne and I headed to Whispering Orchards & Cafe. If you have not been there I would STRONGLY recommend it. The eggs are taken right from the coup, there is fresh apple cider, apple cider jelly, meats from local butchers, and the list goes on... I ordered a caramel apple pancake.. YUM! 

Today's ensemble was all about comfort on a casual fall day. I have never been much into wearing camoflauge, as I did not grow up in a family of hunters, or around others that were very much into that, but thanks to Duck Dynasty  it has become a bit more popular on the fashion scene. I absolutely love this camo infinity scarf from dressbarn. A cute scarf for $16,you can't go wrong! 

Anything chambray makes a great fall piece. Wear a cute chambray blouse under a cream embellished sweater, or with a thick blanket scarf. A chambray dress is much in the same. I picked this one up from Goodwill for $6, originally from Kohl's. The brown belt is from one of my other dressbarn dresses (I absolutely love how versatile it is!).

For fall & winter vests are a necessity. Old Navy & J. Crew seem to have the perfect lightweight vests year after year. This olive vest was purchased from Old Navy for $34.94. They also have it in geranium, black, and tan. A vest is a great fall and winter piece, because you can pair it with a t or sweater and scarf & you have a put together outfit. 

No outfit would be complete without an #ArmParty..Once again I chose my leopard ring, which is my favorite ring of all time from dressbarn. My other chosen bracelets are various thrifted finds and dressbarn bangle/bracelet packs. 

<3 CMM

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