Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fall Transitions

August is a time of transition. Whether it be kids getting ready to head back to school, summer activities winding down, or fall product hitting the stores, it’s a time of change in which the sun sets before 8 pm and humidity sticks to everything it can. Fall is truly my favorite time of year in Wisconsin. The beautiful colors and cozy styles are just a few of my favorite things. 

This week I had the pleasure of attending The Global Leadership Summit. What is the GLS you may ask? This is a yearly summit that reaches hundreds of thousands of leaders across the world. The two day simulcast event challenges your leadership and helps you to grow. This was my second year in attendance, and I would strongly encourage you to check it out next year!

So what did I take away from this summit? Below I’ve recapped some of the main ideas that really stood out to me!

-Craig Groeschel 
{In order to be a great leader you need: 1) a heart to care about those you lead 2) a passion to inspire those you lead 3) a willingness to empower those you lead}
{We need to anticipate what is ahead as leaders; not simply react when something happens}

-Danny Meyer
{The customer isn’t always right. But then again it’s not about who is right or who is wrong. The customer simply wants to be heard}
{How do we handle difficult situations in which we made a mistake with a customer? Acknowledge you made the mistake. Apologize for making the mistake. Make it right. Apply additional generosity by going above and beyond to satisfy the customer.}

-Sheila Heen
{When looking to have a difficult conversation with a co-worker/person in your life you need to change the “story” in your head. Looking at both sides and asking what do we each thing the conversation we are having is about? What do we each contribute to this problem/situation? Separate that although there may be good intentions what impact could this have? Why do we see the situation so differently from both sides?}

-Erwin McManus
{Most people need permission to get started, but no one seems to need permission to quit}-Change that!

There were many other speakers and so much great information, but these were a few things that stuck out to me in particular!

As you know I am VERY used to being on my feet all day at work, so sitting in a chair for two full days, felt very foreign and I wanted to be comfortable of course!

As I stated before August is the time of transition, but all the pieces in stores I can wear NOW even in the 80 degree heat!
I chose jeans and a cute blouse, because what is more comfortable than that? :)
These jeans are the perfect fall color-they are a cross between a spicy red and burnt orange-close to the color Pear Red which is one of Pantone’s colors for the fall season! 

This cream blouse which can be worn off the shoulder or on will be on major repeat throughout the season and pairs perfect for spring and summer as well! I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a crush on cream lacy/embroidered blouses (my closet already has too many of them in it-but who’s counting? :P) 

In this time of transition in the seasons and fashion I also look forward to the transformation of leadership I can slowly undergo as I help to hone and strengthen my leadership from the things that I learned at The Global Leadership Summit! Have you ever attended a GLS event?

This whole look was purchased from dressbarn! 


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Valentine’s Day Treat: Unique Wood Watches by JORD

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away! Shayne and I generally don’t go crazy exchanging presents, but a card is always a must between us. Maybe you’re unlike us and are still searching for that perfect gift to give to your loved one this holiday-or maybe you just want to treat yourself (there’s nothing wrong with that!)

This Valentine’s Day I’ve teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to host a giveaway for a $100 site credit to use on a watch for yourself or someone you care about (more details below)!

I partnered with JORD because I love not only the many gorgeous styles of watches that they carry for both men and womenbut also the quality that they stand for. All of their watches are made with real wood and can be engravedThey come shipped to you in a beautiful wood box that can be used to keep the watch stored and preserved as well as a microfiber cloth and finishing oil to help keep it looking new! Did I mention that their watches ship worldwide for FREE?!

The watch I chose is the
Cassia Series watch in Walnut & vintage rose. I have been loving the rose gold trend lately and tend to wear a lot of blush & burgundy tones so this was the perfect watch for me! I love that I was able to order the watch to my specific wrist size so it fits me perfectly (I hate when watches or bracelets flop around on my wrist).

I’ve partnered with JORD to give one lucky person a $100 credit to use on the JORD site. All you have to do is click 
And fill out the form. Also, if you weren’t the $100 winner you will still receive a coupon for 10% off of the whole website! This giveaway will close February 11th and 11:59 PM. 

You can see all that JORD has to offer as well as learn more about the company 

Thanks for stopping by-I’m sure you’ll love your JORD watch just as much as I do!

<3 CMM

Friday, January 26, 2018

Seva-a great place for beauty on the go

  Life seems to get busier and busier with each passing month, but then again I create that business for myself..between working full time, running an ebay business, and being a mom & wife the days honestly fly by. My “to-do” list often turns into a “to-do tomorrow” list, and the cycle continues on.

To be honest though I enjoy the business and being on the go, and can’t exactly imagine not leaving the house for the day to set off on some sort of adventure with Landyn or Shayne. So often in the business we all experience we get fixated on tasks that need to be completed or things down the road, but there are a few things we often forget about. We forget to stop in the moment and enjoy where we are NOW, as well as so often giving back to ourselves and taking that much needed time to pamper, recharge, or relax. 

I try to take some time once a month to get some relaxation in; whether it be a massage, pedicure, or haircut-it’s always a treat! This week I tried something different and went for a new type of relaxing experience at seva beauty.

For those of you not familiar with seva (pronounced sae-va) beauty, they are an on the go beauty destination often located within a WAL-MART store with over 180 locations across the United States (headquartered out of Chicago). Seva means to serve selflessly (just what so many of us need right?). Our Sheboygan area got its first location a bit over a month ago, located at the Southside WAL-MART. I shop at this location quite frequently, and I’ll be honest I was pretty curious to find out what seva was all about.

I finally checked it out this week and I definitely plan on going back soon! I was greeted by Amber who was very warm & friendly (it’s always nice to be encountered by someone who you can truly see enjoys their job!). I started with a flash facial (starting at $17). I’ll be honest I’ve never had a facial before, and have always been a bit apprehensive. I struggle with exzema and sensitive skin, so I always have to be mindful that I may have an adverse reaction to products that are used. Amber assured me that the products used are natural and meant to soothe, and I was so happy that my skin felt great afterwards! One of the products used was a facial serum that has 24K gold flakes in it-say what?! It left my skin feeling velvet like, and works as a primer for makeup as well!

Seva carries three main skin care collections: The Balance Collection, Clear Skin Collection, and Ageless Collection, along with specialty products such as sunscreen and eye cream. All three collections have four products in them. The balance collection focuses on enhancing skins natural beauty and is great for those with sensitive skin like myself. The clear skin collection focuses on cleaning pores, reducing breakouts, and generating new skin cells. The ageless collection focuses on restoring skin elasticity, reducing age lines, and preventing further damage to the skin. When you receive a facial you choose which of these areas you would like to focus on. What is great about getting a facial with the products is you can essentially try the products and then come back to purchase them to use as part of your normal beauty routine. 

After I had the flash facial I then moved into having lash extensions completed. Honestly I used to get my lashes done about once per month, and it ranged in price from $80-$125. It finally came to a point where I thought to myself.. think of how many clothes I could be purchasing each month in place of getting my lashes done? (you know I love to shop-so it was a no brainer)

Faux lashes are a great way to enhance your look especially if you have a special event or don’t have many lashes of your own! Many salons now that are charging $$$ do lashes individually, while seva does their lashes in small clumps which helps to speed up the process as well (Starting at only $17 and $5 for a fill!). 

The process took about a half an hour and they honestly look like the indivual ones I used to have done as well, but in much less time and SO much less money!

Seva uses their own line of products and also has many makeup options as well! 

The services that our new location offers currently are:

Eyebrow Shaping
Full Face Waxing
Eyebrow Tinting
Flash Facials
Eye-Lash Extensions
Full Face Make-Up Applications

All of the products can be tested as well before purchasing so you can truly get a feel for how the product will be/what it will look like!

Being that it was inside of a WAL-MART which can be rather loud at times, I was pretty shocked that it was actually quite quiet inside, and was not distracting. If you are looking for relaxation time that features salt lamps, dim lights, and soft music then I would say seva isn’t necessarily for you. If you want some pampering, but don’t have three hours to spend at an appointment, and are looking for great quality at affordable price-points I think you found a new go-to spot :)

I really enjoyed my experience at seva and look forward to visiting soon! I would love to hear about any of your experiences at seva beauty!

<3 CMM

Saturday, January 13, 2018

MOTO Blues

Happy 2018! So much has changed over the past year, between being a new mom and focusing more time and energy on my reselling business life has been busy. I hope that your year is off to a great start so far!

When it comes to shopping I love this time of year for two reasons. 1) CLEARANCE is everywhere! (Ya’ll know I’m a bargain shopper) 2) New early spring arrivals that can be worn now are coming in :)

In 2016 Pantone named two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Now, two years later, you can find these colors present in nearly any store you walk into; think rose gold home decor and jewelry, light blue striped blouses, and blush bell-sleeved sweaters to name a few.

I’ve written about it before, but I’ll say it again; the moto jacket is quite honestly my favorite “third piece” of all time. What is a third piece you might ask? It’s the piece that completes the look, the layering piece, the piece that makes your look a complete, transitionable outfit. 

This serenity blue moto jacket came in the store last week when I was working, and immediately it was on my purchase pile. (Isn’t it funny how some times you see something in the store or like me you work in a store and you see a piece that was just “made for you”?) 

I’ve always worn a lot of blue tones, but not usually this lighter blue-which has definitely grown on me! Although I’ve already worn this jacket a few times in different ways (with dresspants and over dresses) for this look I paired it with a striped bell sleeve feminine blouse. I absolutely love that this blouse will pair perfectly for summer with a pair of white jeans and you’re good to go!

Over the past few years I haven’t worn jeans on a regular basis, but now that I’m a mom I honestly feel like I live in jeans on my days off and before going into work for the day. Comfort is key! 

Being that I carry a little extra weight in my stomach still sometimes I find a jean that fits great in the legs, but then I’m stuck with not being able to close the waist band and resort to using the hair-tie trick to close my jeans (don’t tell me you’ve never tried it-it works!). 

These jeans fit great all around and have definitely been on repeat a lot in my wardrobe. The BEST part? I found this pair at Goodwill for only $5! These are the GAP Always Skinny Jean with almost a fleecy sort of interior. They are a slightly higher rise and oh so comfortable, and at that price you can’t go wrong. 

I definitely see all of these pieces in my style forecast for the season to come!

<3 CMM

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back in Florals

Happy Sunday! It's hard to believe that it has been four months since I last posted while I was visiting Dallas. Over the past four months quite a bit has changed. Summer is starting to wind down, kids are heading back to school, and Shayne & I are expecting our first child (Due January 6th)!

I've thankfully still been able to wear pieces from my existing closet, but have chosen some new pieces like cute maternity jeans from Target. Because it is summer I have been living in comfortable dresses, particularly in stretchable jersey knit. This floral neutral, yellow, and blue dress from dressbarn is exactly one of the comfortable style dresses I have been living in! The chiffon layered sleeves are super fun, although I often wear a jean jacket with it because I prefer the huge sleeves to be hidden. During the cooler season I love wearing this dress with cognac otk (over the knee) boots.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


<3 CMM

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Print on Print

 Happy Sunday! Shayne and I are currently visiting Michael in Dallas, and soon will be headed to Wrestlmania!

 This morning we had brunch at a cute place called Porch. This fit and flare dress from dressbarn was the perfect piece to wear, as the temperatures are right around 70 degrees here :)
 When you're unsure about which patterns to mix, go for floral and stripes and you can't go wrong! This dress does the pattern mixing for you, but this could easily be done with a floral top and striped skirt. Why don't you give this pattern mix a try?
Hope you had a great weekend!

<3 CMM

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All About the Trench

Can you believe that the official start of spring is right around the corner? Your perfect spring jacket is a neutral trench. This iconic piece goes with any look! My favorite trench is from db, and I simply can't get enough.

 Trench & Necklace: DB
Booties & Leopard Pants: JLO for Kohls
Olive Silk Blouse: Banana Republic
Blush Bag: Michael Kors

Have a great week!

<3 CMM