Sunday, April 26, 2015


As temperatures warm up, one thing remains on trend year after year, tropical prints! The palm leaf print is definitely a fun way to embrace this trend. Use it to whisk you away to South Florida or the sandy shores of Mexico, even if you cannot physically be there. Although I am personally not very invested in this print, I love these palm print ankle pants from dressbarn!
At $34.50 you cannot go wrong with these pants. You can get your very own pair here

The website describes this style of pant as, " The smart fit gets a printed update! Sleek and polished; these pants are something to brag about. Our smart fit pants feature a modern fit that sits lower on the waist and fits straight through the hip with an elongated leg shape."
They are available in palm print, floral (black & white), rose, white, khaki, and black. 

Because the pants obviously have a lot going on I chose a simple black high/low shell from Kohl's. 
I chose  this emerald tassel necklace from dressbarn to bring in the green from the pants. 

This straw clutch is also another favorite from dressbarn. Although I do not use it often, I love how perfectly it ties in with the style of this look.

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

<3 CMM

Monday, April 20, 2015

MiXT Part 2

Black & White, how can anything be more classic than that? I had the pleasure of spending half of last week in New York for work. It was so nice to meet with an amazing team, and get to do a little shopping as well ;) One of the places we went was the dressbar pop-up store on 5th ave in NYC. The store is open until May 31st, and is literally FULL of dresses and accessories. 
 Amongst other things I found this leopard print dress at the pop-up store. It is part of the MiXT by Heidi Weisel collection, and I am in looove! At $48 you cannot go wrong with this beauty. I love the exposed zipper up the back. Not everyone is too keen on this trend, as I've heard from others that it looks like a quality issue or "tacky." I personally love the exposed zipper on dresses, and find that it looks youthful and trendy.

 First I styled the dress without my moto jacket & with bold statement earrings. This pair is a large black disc with silver fringe--they definitely pack a punch! At dressbarn for $12 you can't go wrong with this pair :)

I found this black tweed bag online for $50. Being that it is Kate Spade, and retails for over $300 I would say this is a good deal!
It served as the perfect carry-on for my flight.

For an evening out, or cooler day this moto jacket (my favorite one) does just the trick. I also switched out my earrings to studs and added silver strand necklaces. I found these black wedge sandals on sale at Boston Store for $20. Although this past weekend I went back for the same ones in Cognac and they were back up to $42! (So I passed on them) I do not care for promotional sort of pricing :/ I'm hoping to find more wedge type strappy sandals for summer over the next few months! (at good prices of course hehe)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

<3 CMM

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Heidi Weisel, a designer who started her collection with 6 LBDs {Little Black Dresses}, has been known for her dress designs and use of different textures. She has partnered with dressbarn to create an exclusive collection called MiXT. I absolutely love her collection, which you can shop here. I recently purchased my first piece from her line, and I styled it for work on Saturday.

 I love the sharp contrast of black and white on this dress. The MiXT collection is all about black, white, and neon. This particular dress is also available in an all black style. The cotton jersey top is so soft and comfortable, and the white bottom is a geometric eyelet. Does this dress look at all familiar to you? If you have seen the 1955 classic, "To Catch a Thief," you may remember the black and white dress that Grace Kelly wore that inspired this Heidi Weisel piece.

 Much like Grace Kelly's dress pictured above, this dress is also a bit more of a "midi" length. It falls somewhere in the middle (especially based on your height) of the knee and ankle. Generally, I feel weird wearing dresses that come below my knees (other than maxi dresses), and prefer them to be at least an inch above my knee. This dress is different however, and I feel so comfortable in it!


Because I do live in Wisconsin where it isn't exactly "warm" yet, a jacket or coverup is a must when outside. To stick with the edgy/modern trend I went with my favorite black moto jacket (clearance at JCP, $24). 

To accessorize I chose neon accents, because I love the way they pop in a look, particularly with black & white. My favorite is the neon and black saffiano leather Michael Kors bag I found at Goodwill for $35! White shoes are another big trend for spring, and these heels are no exception. I found these Michael Kors beauties on clearance at TJ Maxx for $10! You all know how I love a great find :) I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

<3 CMM