Sunday, December 21, 2014


Happy Sunday, Shortest Day of the Year, and First Day of Winter!
Surprisingly, there was no snow in Sheboygan...and look!...we still have green grass.

With Christmas only four days away, today was spent at church, with family, and finishing up some last minute shopping & gift wrapping.

Today's ensemble was all about white, gray, and black-simple & classic for a busy day.

The look is all about this wavy print knit dress from TJ Maxx. I found it last year while Shayne & I were in South Dakota. It has sleeves and came with a rope belt. I chose to cover the sleeves and add a tailored skinny black belt rather than keeping the rope belt, because I felt this helped to dress it up a bit and helped to pull in my waist.

So many individuals I encounter are scared of pattern, because they feel it makes them stand out more or may make them appear larger. An all over pattern can actually be VERY flattering. It keeps the eye moving and unfocused on any one area of the body. Because of this it helps to hide the imperfections we may have. 

 This print/fabric is one we have had at dressbarn in blouses, skirts, and dresses in several different styles since I have started working there. I would definitely recommend this comfortable knit!

I chose this cropped black jacket for extra warmth & to  help break up the pattern. It has pleather detailing on the lapels and pockets & zippers up the front for an edgier look (although I prefer to wear it open). Can you believe I found this at Target for $10? :) 

For a classic necklace that still made a statement I chose this pearl & bead cluster necklace from dressbarn (about $24).

Today's #ArmParty included various bracelets from Kohl's, WAL-MART, and online. I just found this hinge-wrap pave ring at Kohl's for $3 on clearance! Grey heels with bows on the toes from J. Crew (purchased on clearance for about $40) complete today's look. 

<3 CMM


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