Friday, June 6, 2014

Coral Crush

Coral: the bright hue that has been seen all around the fashion and home design world the past few years. Close family members of this color include geranium and peach. It is a color that makes you feel happy when you wear it. It also plays well with most skin tones & can be very flattering!

 Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday, coral seemed like the perfect color to wear on my day off full of activities. I was blessed to be able to spend some time with my goddaughter, Ella, best friend, Amanda, and the new dog, Olivia :)

I love this bright Lauren Conrad blouse I purchased from Kohls last year. It was one of those great deals in which I loved it when it was not on sale so I decided I really did not need it (We all do that right?). I happened to be shopping a month or two later & found it on clearance...chaaaa-ching! I love the scalloped design on the top and the chiffon lightweight sleeves. Simple gold chains add the perfect finishing touches, as a statement necklace would be too much with the piece. ($1.99 for both at Goodwill) 

The wedges are one of those great Target steals that you love to find. I had seen them at 30% off & had decided I liked them, but was unsure how much wear I would get out of them. I went back and they were at $15..still decided I did not NEED them.. finally I had gone back a different day and they were 70% off at $8.98.. This pair was the only pair left & in my size too! (Size 10..that never happens!) It must have been a sign, so I decided I could use them in my closet after all :)

Who really wants to spend their day off at the DMV? We all hear it or experience it..the long waits..crabby people..etc. I had to go have an emissions test before I could renew my plate & transfer ownership of my car. I was in & out within five minutes.. so it was on to the DMV. I was so happy to see only 15 people waiting..woohoo..the room was not packed. 

Even though I have been driving the blue cavi now for 7 years.. it was finally time to transfer it from my parents name to my I suppose technically this is my first car! I was grateful to have a pleasant experience this time around & realized I was wearing the same outfit the last time I went there (imagine that haha). I was happy to be in and out in under an hour. The DMV..not so bad this time around :)

What a perfect day it was!

<3 CMM

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