Friday, June 13, 2014

[NEON] & Pleather

Pleather: Plastic+Leather, a very common material in the fashion world today, but it was not always this way. Making its entrance in the 1970's, it was first seen as the poor man's leather. Today, however it has truly made a re-entrance in the fashion market. Its ease of dying & manipulation (lesser cost too), has made it a great alternative. Another increasing factor in its popularity is the growing movement against fur & animal hides. 

I love the ox blood pleather jacket, black pleather pants & the black perforated pleather skirt that I have (I am wearing it today), and would prefer them to leather any day!

Skirts, pants, and jackets are some of the most popular uses for pleather in clothing. It is also used heavily in handbags and detailing on blouses. This black pleather perforated pencil skirt I purchased recently from Dressbarn for 70% off. I absolutely love how it is slightly more interesting than a basic black pencil skirt! I paired with it a black & white checked blouse with back zipper detailing from Target (clearance-$12). For the pop of neon I chose one of my favorite highlighter yellow cardigans from Old Navy. 

What outfit is complete without accessories..right? I have been really loving studs & spikes lately! I love the statement that they make with any outfit. There is the gothic way to go..and the fashion forward way to go when it comes to them. 

This neck candy consists of two necklaces. The gold spikes with rhinestones was picked up from DEB ($2.50), and the cream bone spikes & black necklace was purchased from Groopdealz. 

When there is neck candy..there usually is an arm party to go with it :)

These black & gold spiked heels are gorgeous ( if only I could walk in them comfortably & for long periods of time haha). Inspired by some of the Christian Louboutin & Valentino designs, I purchased them from TJ Maax several years ago. The cocktail ring I chose to complement today's ensemble (cream enamel, gold, and rhinestones) is from Forever 21.

Give a fast fashion pleather piece a try, I'm sure you will like it (both the way it feels & the tiny dent it will make it your wallet) :)

<3 CMM

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