Monday, April 20, 2015

MiXT Part 2

Black & White, how can anything be more classic than that? I had the pleasure of spending half of last week in New York for work. It was so nice to meet with an amazing team, and get to do a little shopping as well ;) One of the places we went was the dressbar pop-up store on 5th ave in NYC. The store is open until May 31st, and is literally FULL of dresses and accessories. 
 Amongst other things I found this leopard print dress at the pop-up store. It is part of the MiXT by Heidi Weisel collection, and I am in looove! At $48 you cannot go wrong with this beauty. I love the exposed zipper up the back. Not everyone is too keen on this trend, as I've heard from others that it looks like a quality issue or "tacky." I personally love the exposed zipper on dresses, and find that it looks youthful and trendy.

 First I styled the dress without my moto jacket & with bold statement earrings. This pair is a large black disc with silver fringe--they definitely pack a punch! At dressbarn for $12 you can't go wrong with this pair :)

I found this black tweed bag online for $50. Being that it is Kate Spade, and retails for over $300 I would say this is a good deal!
It served as the perfect carry-on for my flight.

For an evening out, or cooler day this moto jacket (my favorite one) does just the trick. I also switched out my earrings to studs and added silver strand necklaces. I found these black wedge sandals on sale at Boston Store for $20. Although this past weekend I went back for the same ones in Cognac and they were back up to $42! (So I passed on them) I do not care for promotional sort of pricing :/ I'm hoping to find more wedge type strappy sandals for summer over the next few months! (at good prices of course hehe)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

<3 CMM

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