Saturday, January 10, 2015

During Wisconsin Winters layering is often a must. This week it has been in between 0-10 degrees each day, so if spending time outdoors or traveling one must be bundled! Today and tomorrow happen to be my weekend off this month (which I always enjoy even if I have nothing planned). Today was that relaxing day in which I did nothing other than errands, cleaning, working out, and watching TV (my perfect day).

 Today's ensemble was all about the layers! Many retailers such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Target, and H&M to name a few, have been all about embellished blouses and sweaters the past few seasons. (I tried an ADORABLE black blouse with beaded bees on it yesterday at H&M, but it turned out to be a crop top..shucks) This cream sweater is from Kohl's in their Elle line. I also have it in black as well too, because I love it so much :) I chose a tan dressbarn blazer over it for extra warmth.

Underneath the sweater I chose a chambray blouse from Old Navy. The dictionary defines chambray as, "a linen-finished gingham cloth with a white weft and colored warp, producing a mottled appearance." So many think of chambray as the thick style shirts found at Fleet Farm to work out in the garden.. but the chambray of the present is no such thing! I love using my chambray blouse to layer under a dress or sweater, or wear it as is with a leopard print scarf. Chambray has made a large comeback on the fashion scene and no...I hope we will never ever go back to denim from head to toe look that JT and Brittany did at the 2001 American Music Awards...(see above)

Every woman needs a great pair of dark wash denim. Today was the first day I wore my new pair from dressbarn. I had a favorite pair from American Eagle, but over the past few years they had worn and were starting to form holes :/ I was in desperate need of a new pair & I tried this pair on and fell in love! This is the dark wash pair of luxurious stretch denim that you can purchase here.

At $29.50 (the regular price) you can get more than one pair. They are available in dark wash (pictured above), a dark blue, light wash, and black as well too. Seasonally they are available in other colors. Previously we have carried them in marsala, pink, grey, white, olive, brown, and tan.

 A slim leg or skinny pant is a closet essential, especially for the winter to pair with boots. Also they work great with wedges, sandals, flats, and booties. A skinny pant is a win win all around. One thing when shopping for this type of pant is to remember fit. You may not feel comfortable with a pant hugging close to your body, but honestly this is the proper fit...and a saggy behind is most definitely not the proper may just take some getting used to :)

Speaking of boots...I love this pair..soo much so that I also purchased them in black. They have a wedge heel, but are very comfortable. Kohl's still has them for sale in store, but watch the price..original price is $109, but I purchased them when they were on sale for $39. Today they were marked at $70. I find it rather ridiculous the wide variance of prices they have had them available at..part of why I rarely buy anything at Kohl's unless it is on clearance.

I chose pearls to accentuate the already embellished sweater. I loooove the peek-a-boo earring trend. Basically a smaller earring is in the front and then the back of the earring serves as a larger stud, or a piece that hangs down. The pearls are my favorite however! You can find some similar peek-boo-styles here for only $10.


 Hopefully you are staying nice & cozy!

<3 CMM

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