Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scarfing IT

A scarf can truly change up any outfit. When you feel like having a lazy outfit day pair one with a t-shirt and pair of denim. Attending a wedding, but want something to cover your arms in case it is cold? Find a sheer black or dressy scarf and drape it over your shoulders as a shawl. Check out a YouTube video or two in which you can be shown how to turn your scarf into a vest, or the trillions (exaggeration I know) of ways to tie a scarf.

Women many times ask me at work, how do you wear this scarf?.. My response is always, "There is no correct way to wear one." It honestly depends on the overall look you want to have. The scarf I am wearing in the pictures above, is a basic way to wear one. Simply start with one end hanging down, loop it around your neck, and end with the other end hanging down. It is simply effortless and comfortable!

I have wayyy too many scarves currently (Somewhere around 40 or so), and nowhere to store them.. (their home is on the bed in the spare bedroom for now--need to work on that..) I get lots of them from Dressbarn of course, but the other majority come from Target and/or the Target scarves that get sent to Goodwill. Once they make it to Goodwill they are only priced at $2.99--What a Steal!! (I just picked up a new one yesterday...oops!)

The above outfit is nearly all thrifted and/or purchased at great prices :) The scarf is one of my newer purchases from Dressbarn. At first I had no idea what I was going to wear it with, but I loved the all over floral pattern, and the amount of volume it has to it. I picked it up on sale for around $6.50. While shopping last week at St. Vinny's I found this Talbot's mustard dress (that also happened to match perfectly with the scarf) for only $5! The tags were still attached and it was originally priced at $109! The long gold chains I love pairing with my outfits when I wear a scarf, because I love the little touch of extra bling it provides. These were purchased from Goodwill for only $1.99 for both. The pearl bracelet was gifted from my beautiful mom :) The nude wedges are originally from Target, but purchased at Goodwill for only $5. They have become one of my new favorite summer shoes! My Michael Kors Jelly Hamilton was purchased on Vinted (a resale phone app) for only $70 (Retails for $300). 

I have been loving all of the great thrifted items and fun summer scarves I have been finding recently, and I encourage you to use a scarf to change up your outfits!

<3 CMM

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