Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Naturally Neutral

When dressing for summer many of us often think...bright...bold...color! Who wants to be drab when it is gorgeous outside? Although there is no bright color involved, neutrals often offer a nice palette cleanser and can still work for any look anytime of year.
 Today's look was all about embracing creamy neutrals and warm gold tones. This dress...can we just say amazing?! I know I say it all the time.."this is my new favorite piece" yadda yadda, but seriously love love love the versatility of this dress! It is definitely something I can bring into fall with a cute hat & booties.
 Several months ago I was shopping with my best friend trying to find a dress for her to wear to an upcoming wedding. We weren't shopping for me, but of course I found something I had to try on...I decided against it...until this past weekend I saw Maurices was offering 50% off their sale prices. My size was still left so I guess it was meant to be :) You can get your very own dress here for only $19.99.
 The midi length is a bit tricky for anyone, as it is at that "awkward length." To have the end of the dress hit you at the widest point towards the bottom of your leg is not always the most flattering look. The one thing that makes this dress a bit different however, which I love, is that it is basically a knee length dress, because the long layer is knit. It allows the leg to show through underneath, so it is not as unflattering! :)
 To stick with the neutral look I chose this gold statement necklace from dressbarn. It is on clearance currently for $9.99.
This #ArmParty consists of random pieces...a bangle set from dressbarn, a thin wood bangle with beads from Salvation Army, and a thick wood bangle with wire from Goodwill.
I hope you're all having a great week!
<3 CMM

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  1. Beautiful! I admit I usually forget to bring neutrals out in the warmer months because I am so focused on bright colors and the occasional pastel. Before I even read this post I thought "wow, that dress will transition perfectly into the cooler months too!" :) Hope you had a great weekend!!!! -Christin