Monday, April 28, 2014

Print + Print

Today was a cold & clammy sort of day in Sheboygan.. lots of showers on and off.. but you know what they say.. "April showers bring May flowers." I just arrived home from a very busy day at work (despite the weather) and Shayne had baked a cake, made chicken soup, biscuits from scratch, and asparagus for dinner.. boy am I one lucky lady.

I always admire fashionistas who can mix print on print. Sometimes, in my opinion it looks quite ridiculous, but they always are able to pull it off. Take for example some of the Forever 21 or H&M ads/emails that I receive on a daily basis. I would NEVER put some of that stuff together, but the person wearing it always looks put together (for the most part haha). This is about as much print on print as I have attempted, but it has become one of my new favorite outfits! Once again I am dressed more for fall than I am for spring, but it has been hard to dress bright with the cloudy skies.

This oxblood blazer is from Dressbarn and is one of my favorites. Do you ever have problems finding blazers, because they are often too tight in the shoulders and it is hard to move? I bend and reach quite a bit while at work, and this blazer has been perfect. It has ruched three quarter length sleeves and a Whooooooleee 'lotta stretch for extra comfort. It does have a button, but I prefer to wear blazers open for the most part to show off what I have on underneath. The cream and black polka dot short sleeve blouse is from Target. Several months ago I was "thrifting" in Fond du Lac with my friend Courtney and found this same blouse in cobalt blue with black dots with the tags still attached. For those of you not aware Target sends their "old" merchandise, decorations, dollar bin items, etc. to Goodwill. There are some good deals to be found!

So I discussed my polka dot blouse, but let us talk about the other print.. shall we? I incorporated the leopard again.. My skinny belt I picked up at JCP (JcPenny) several months ago while shopping with my mom ($12). Target is another great place to find lots of thin belts for about the same price in nearly every color under the sun. Our Dressbarn store does not carry belts, so I feel like almost daily I am sending people to Target to find a great belt to go with a dress or pair of pants. My gold capped Michael Kors flats have become one of my favorite pairs of shoes (only about $50 at Boston Store on sale). Today two of my co-workers said that I could easily hurt someone with them.. let us hope I never have to, but at least I know I have that option if need be haha.

I reused two of my bracelets from yesterdays outfit and added my new thin chain pearl & tassel bracelet. I have this bracelet in the black (shown) and coral. The bracelet and my cream rosette necklace I purchased from Jane.
For those of you unfamiliar with, previously Very Jane, I would highly recommend signing up. Each morning they send you an email with the daily deals. It usually is trendy items such as pillow case covers, jewelry, dresses, blouses, shoes, and kiddie items. I have only ever purchased jewelry, but I have been very satisfied with the quality that I have payed for the relatively low prices. I am fairly careless with my jewelry (Ask my husband, my dresser is covered in it), so I am not willing to pay high prices for jewelry (<$20 is good for me!). The tassel bracelet I paid about $4 for and then paid $2 shipping. My final accessory is my favorite ring.. a jaguar (leopard??.. some sort of large cat). It is a hinge ring and the heads meet in the middle of my finger. I purchased this at Dressbarn, and now it is on sale for 40% off (originally $15 I believe). I love the simple statement it makes!

Thanks for stopping by and see how I safely mix prints :)

<3 CMM 

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